Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Birds of a Feather

Party Information: Party: Daniel Torres, William Bourland, and David Natividad
Party Type: Appellee

Representatives for this Party: Attorneys
Mikal C. Watts
William Powers, Jr.
Richard P. Hogan, Jr.
Thomas H. Crofts, Jr.
Jacqueline M. Stroh
Juan Enrique Mejia
Craig M. Sico
Brantley W. White
Sharon E. Callaway
John G. Escamilla


Party Information: Party: The Coastal Corporation
Party Type: Appellant

Representatives for this Party: Attorneys
Darrell L. Barger
Augustin Rivera, Jr.
Reagan Wm. Simpson
Russell H. McMains
Michael A. Hatchell
Julie Tellepsen